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Welcome to my site.

There is an alternative Home Page ("Personal Web Publishing")  with an important essay at this link. There is a second alternative page ("Libertarianism and gay rights") at this 2nd link. It will open a new window. When you are at that page, the left frame will show the links on this site as they are now. You have to drag the frame boundary over to the right to see the entire page when you link.  I am planning to set this up so it is easier to place advertising on it, so there may be more changes.

I can not make you do anything. I can only point you to the truth and let you do the right thing!

This site will present summaries of various media-related topics. The material is intended to be set up so that most mainstream advertisers would be comfortable with it.

Contact information:
Phone: 571-334-6107
Email: JBoushka@aol.com
US Mail: 4201 Wilson Blvd STE 110-688
Arlington VA 22203-1859 

For more details on these materials, please visit my free site at http://www.doaskdotell.com

The contact link there is http://www.doaskdotell.com/contact.htm 

The link to my new Wordpress technical-legal blog is here.  My privacy policy is here.

 There is an overview of the blog here.  An index list to all of the applicable laws and bills is here. There will be more details soon.

My most important blog is at this link.

Nov. 15, 2007:   Have added MYSQL. Here are three sample queries (static) with three records. The script, as supplied, invites the user to print the query; the user may simply cancel the print.
Query1: Argument Table
Query2: Incident Table
Query3: Inner join
You can do queries on my MYSQL political knowledge database by going here and following the directions. Please note that I don't have bookmarking of queries working yet.